Sunday, June 16, 2013


few photos from a friend-collector of mine collection..

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  1. Romania 2005 "Dinosaurs from Tara Hategului - Romania"

    Romfilatelia, the specialized company in issuing and trading Romanian postage stamps, releases an issue dedicated to the natural patrimony of Romania, called "Dinosaurs from Tara Hategului"
    Tara Hategului lies between the Retezat Mountains and the Sureanu Mountains and it is well renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, but also for its archaeological and hystorical vestiges, its old churches and its folk traditions. The traces of several dinosaurs species discovered here add a certain special interest to this land. The dinosaurs from Tara Hategului are famous all around the world and they also appear in the documentaries of the Discovery TV channel due to some peculiar aspects: they made up a last community of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs, just before the final disappearance of those animals, 65 million years ago.....
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